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Seriously Collins

Promo Video

dS:uK : Why Worry

From our isolation series during lockdown.

Pedulla Fretless. Massive jam outro :)

Audio - Lee Abraham: Tomorrow Will Be Yesterday

Pedulla MVP5 Five String Bass. Fun fills between 1:05-1:40

EverClare - Get Lucky

Chapman Stick, Vocoder, Mono synth

Genesis Legacy - Promo

Pedulla MVP5, Chapman Stick (bass synth)

Audio - Lee Abraham: Live For Today

Pedulla MVP5 five string bass. Listen out for the bass and drum fills on the fade out. Turn it UP!!

Lachlan Horne - Higher

promo video from album. Pedulla MVP5. short bass solo 3 min in.

dS:uK : Virtual Lockdown Gig

Audio from Brigham 2019, visuals from audience footage of various gigs.
(53 min)

Audio - Lee Abraham: Corridors of Power

Chapman Stick

EverClare- Don’t Stop Believing

Chapman Stick, creamy distorted lead, chewy bass

DS:UK- Brothers in Arms

Featuring Sina on Drums. Over 13M views and I wasn’t even there for the video!

Audio - Lee Abraham: Misguided

(instrumental) Chapman Stick 

Set the controls to Tone 11

Lachlan Horne: Hypnotise (live)

Because - bass solo

Lachlan Horne: Reach for the Power

video from the album. Pedulla MVP5 Five String Bass. Bass Solo!

Audio - Sean Filkins: Prisoner Of Concience, Part I: The Soldier

Just the fretless bits. Starts at 15:30

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