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Rickenbacker 4001 V63 Pedulla MVP4 and MVP Fretless
Pedulla MVP5
MVP Fretless
MVP Fretless
Rickenbacker 4001 V63
Rickenbacker 4001 V63
VT 300 valves 6550
VT 300 biasing valves 6550
Chapman Grand Stick in zebrawood
Lollar horseshoe and Rickenbacker scatterwound toaster
Lollar Horseshoe
Chapman Stick Ten String Grand
MVP5 Guitarist article
Moody Eden
too much stack
Squier Classic Vibe Jazz
Squier Classic Vibe Jazz
close up of the headstock of a zebrawood grand stick


  • Pedulla MVP5 bass
  • Pedulla MVP4 fretted bass
  • Pedulla MVP4 fretless bass
  • Rickenbacker 4001 V63 bass (with RIC scatterwound toaster and Lollar magnetic horseshoe pickup)
  • Squier Classic Vibe Jazz
  • Chapman 10 String Grand Stick
  • Chapman 12 String Grand Stick
  • Vintage acoustic bass
  • Alesis ion synth


  • E-Bow
  • Funk Fingers
Laney vc30 and eden V300A stick backline


  • Eden VT300A (all valve)
  • Eden D410XLT
  • Eden D115XLT
  • Eden Amp footswitch amp control
  • Laney VC30-210 (all valve) for Stick melody and Rick treble pickup

New smaller bass-only pedalboard

  • Radial Tonebone v2 DI,switcher, preamp
  • Valnøtt II Brassmaster clone
  • EBS Octabass octaver
  • Mutron III envelope filter
  • EBS MultiComp compressor
  • Hookers Green Bass Machine overdrive
  • “Seaweed” Cog 66 mini overdrive
  • ADA PBF Flanger
  • Akai Intelliphase phaser
  • Douglas Y2K (clone of well known Finnish distortion)
  • Line 6 M5 Delays etc
  • Gigrig G2 true bypass pedal loopswitcher
  • Generator power supply +accessories


Gigrig G2 and 10 effect pedals

Mac Rack

screenshot of virtual pedals in Gig Performer


  • Apple Macbook Pro
  • Rane SP-13 Stick Preamp
  • Presonus Quantum 2626 Thunderbolt interface
  • Keith McMillen Softstep 2 controller

Software and Plugins

  • Deskew Gig Performer 4
  • Jam Origin Midi Guitar 2 poly pitch to MIDI
  • Jam Origin Midi Bass mono pitch to MIDI
  • U-he DIVA soft synth
  • Amplitube 5
  • Softube Eden WT-400 Amp Emulation 
  • Darkglass Ultra overdrive/distortion plug-in
  • Plugin Alliance ADA Flanger
  • Kuassa Fuzz
  • Klanghelm (diverse compressors)
Macbook pro, quantum 2626, Rane SP 13, McMillen Softstep 2, M-Audio expression pedal. Gig Performer 4
Eden VT300A D410XLT D115XLT

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