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Hi, I’m Alistair, welcome to my website.

I am a professional electric bass teacher/player and Chapman Stickist.

Me on stage in Inverness holding Pedulla MVP5 green stage lighting behind.

Where to hear me

Very proud to have contributed to these great recordings...


Lee Abraham Distant Days album cover

Lee Abraham - Distant Days (reissue)

Re-release of the 2014 recording with bonus tracks.

Fretted bass, Chapman Stick

and fretless bass.


Lee Abraham Colours album cover


Covid safe face to face lessons 

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Alistair playing Stick one hand in air

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I have played in countless bands over the years, often concurrently, playing originals and covers in a wide variety of styles (1950’s to present day) :- rock, pop, metal, funk, soul, blues, jazz, prog, grunge, punk, folk, latin. Maybe more!

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Bass lessons for Southampton, Romsey, Winchester, Eastleigh, and surrounding areas. 

Mobile lessons are available. I can come to you.

Please visit again soon. More content to come!

Lee Abraham - Colours 

Fretted 5 string bass, Chapman Stick and fretless bass


Lee Abraham Seasons Turn album cover

Lee Abraham - The Seasons Turn

Fretted bass, Chapman Stick and fretless bass.



Lee Abraham Distant Days album cover


Sean Filkins War and Peace album cover

Rickenbacker plus lockdown hair and beard for the win.

 Bit of a cheeky one - I didn’t actually play on the recording

But I am on the forthcoming album

Lee Abraham - Distant Days

Fretted bass, Chapman Stick and fretless bass.

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